We all tended to pong

When young, I spent most of my holidays on the west coast of Scotland — in a place only thirty or so miles from where I stayed. Those of us who stayed in and around Glasgow were lucky to be within an hour or less of the little villages and towns on the coast of the Clyde estuary. A century previously intrepid adventurers had ‘discovered’ this playground on their doorstep. These were the West of Scotland merchants, men who had accumulated enormous fortunes from coal and iron, shipbuilding and trading, thread manufacture and heavy engineering.

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An interloper in history

Cameras have been on my mind recently, and when I look through old family photographs I think how lucky we now are in this digital age. Taking photographs is easy, effortless and with the press of button or touch screen can be sent to others or printed out. We can use a range of programmes to manipulate them on our computer, tweaking colours, sharpening images, even airbrushing things or people unwanted. Who says the camera never lies! It may have been true at one time, but no longer.

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My writing process

I don’t usually write about writing on my blog. But having been asked by a friend to take part in this blog tour, and knowing I have a fair number of followers who write both prose and poetry, I decided to go for it. As I love the visual aspect of blogging, the ability to include photographs, I’ve managed to look out a few for this post too.

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