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We all tended to pong

When young, I spent most of my holidays on the west coast of Scotland — in a place only thirty or so miles from where I stayed. Those of us who stayed in and around Glasgow were lucky to be within an hour or less of the little villages and towns on the coast of the Clyde estuary. A century previously intrepid adventurers had ‘discovered’ this playground on their doorstep. These were the West of Scotland merchants, men who had accumulated enormous fortunes from coal and iron, shipbuilding and trading, thread manufacture and heavy engineering.

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Author: Jingsandthings

Over the years Dorothy Bruce has enjoyed the highs and lows of political campaigning. She revelled in her involvement with the restoration of a Victorian pier on the west coast of Scotland; the running of an annual walking and arts festival; curating an exhibition on Alexander Reid, Glasgow art dealer and friend of Vincent van Gogh; the organisation of a one-off literary award commemorating writer Robin Jenkins; and the challenges of involvement with a multi-agency destination development project. She writes short stories, has savoured tastebud-tantalising and insipid food for restaurant reviews, and was fascinated by the process of having one of her plays See them rats brought to life in performances that toured the Scottish Borders in late 2012 as part of a double bill. Dorothy writes a regular blog, illustrated by her own photographs, at -

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