Adding that extra something

It started life as a tower, built in 1487 by the Hoppringill (Pringle) family. Like all such buildings Old Gala House was later extended and improved, firstly in 1583, then in 1611 and in 1635, with further improvements in the 17th and 18th centuries when the building more or less as it is today emerged.

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Second demise

To all those, myself included, who were wondering about second class rail travel in the UK. Well, thanks to the wonders of the internet I’ve discovered that the Railway Regulation Act 1844 laid down minimum standards for travel and provided compulsory services at prices affordable to poorer people to enable them to travel to work, or to find work. At this time there were three (or more – never heard of that before!) classes of carriage, first, second and third, with third being little more than open goods wagons, often without even seats.

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