Travelling back

In a few hours one recent afternoon I travelled thousands of miles and spanned decades, all from the comfort of the chair by my computer. Instead of my keyboard, which was pushed aside, another little gadget sat before me. Husband and I had talked of buying one for years but never got round to it until last weekend. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it.

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February 14th

February 14th. St Valentine’s Day. But who was St Valentine and why do we celebrate it as a lovers’ day with red hearts, roses and sloppy cards?

St Valentine was a Catholic saint, or according to some sources one of two or three, all martyred, one of whom is said to have sent a letter to his loved one (his jailor’s daughter) from his Roman prison and signed it from your Valentine.


You too can have one

We’re all well aware of logos, trademarks, advertising gimmicks and slogans used to promote companies, organisations and goods. We’re bombarded with them wherever we look. Some are trusted household names, a few may carry disliked baggage, others may be brash new kids on the block. But life without them is difficult to imagine.