You won’t be sorry

If the words ‘afternoon tea’ conjure up soggy white bread egg or cucumber sandwiches and cup cakes (which we used to call fairy cakes) with lurid icing, sprinkles and silver balls that chip your teeth, then think again. To be honest this is more or less what I thought I’d be in for. So we went for our afternoon tea yesterday with little idea of what to expect. Luckily, though, we had the sense to forego lunch beforehand.

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Lion and lamb

March, named after the Roman god Mars, god of war and guardian of agriculture, seems aptly named. He came second in importance to Jupiter and, not surprisingly, most of the festivals associated with him were held in the month of March. The first of the month was his birthday, while other festivities during the month included chariot races.

Mars was father of Romulus and Remus – founders of Rome as I remember from my days of Latin at school – and was therefore regarded as father of the Roman people. He viewed war as a means of securing peace.

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Women in my life

Today is Mother’s day – a day to celebrate mothers.

I’m dipping into my recently scanned slides for this post, for images that bring back wonderful memories of mother, father, grandparents and other family members.

My grandmother was the glue that kept her whole family together. She liked nothing better than have her family around her. Wednesdays were her ‘at home’ day, and any family members who could manage along were welcomed with hugs and wide smiles. Sometimes, in summer months, the fare was salad, but more usually it was my grandmother’s elastic meal – mince and macaroni. The earlier you arrived the more mince was ladled onto your plate, the later you made an appearance the more macaroni.