Island Voices Galore

One of the projects that’s kept me busy recently, along with finishing the first draft of my next novel, is the publication by Twinlaw Publishing ( of a new book – not mine, but one by Janice Ross. Janice has been a busy lady, juggling the demands of publication with putting together her doctoral thesis on the art of blethering.



Women in my life

Today is Mother’s day – a day to celebrate mothers.

I’m dipping into my recently scanned slides for this post, for images that bring back wonderful memories of mother, father, grandparents and other family members.

My grandmother was the glue that kept her whole family together. She liked nothing better than have her family around her. Wednesdays were her ‘at home’ day, and any family members who could manage along were welcomed with hugs and wide smiles. Sometimes, in summer months, the fare was salad, but more usually it was my grandmother’s elastic meal – mince and macaroni. The earlier you arrived the more mince was ladled onto your plate, the later you made an appearance the more macaroni.


Travelling back

In a few hours one recent afternoon I travelled thousands of miles and spanned decades, all from the comfort of the chair by my computer. Instead of my keyboard, which was pushed aside, another little gadget sat before me. Husband and I had talked of buying one for years but never got round to it until last weekend. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it.

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The boat was a Turkish gulet, twenty-three metres in length, called Bonita da Madeira, made from rich coloured woods and stainless steel, with masts that soared towards the sky. At the stern, we lounged on blue plastic covered mattresses formed into a relaxing seat. The relaxing aspect was further enhanced by a glass of Madeira wine – such a welcoming gesture as well as a great promotional tool for both boat trip and wine.

Expression in the eyes

Today, the thirteenth of November, Edinburgh celebrates Robert Louis Stevenson Day, thought the birthday commemoration has in fact spawned a week of events from the ninth to the fifteenth –

Robert Louis Stevenson, born in Edinburgh on 13th November 1850, is, according to Amazon ranked the twenty fifth most translated author in the world. Stevenson was an essayist, poet, travel writer and novelist, his best-known works being Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as well as his children’s poetry collection A Child’s Garden of Verses.


No fog horns, just a jingle

Videos are on my mind. Not the neatly packaged and enticingly or garishly labelled bought from a shelf in supermarket or shop, or downloaded or streamed to computer. But a short promotional video, shot, assembled and brought into the world by me to publicise my novel Any news from India?