It’s June. It’s raining. So it must be book festival time in the Borders.

Read about Seven Books Seven Authors at the Borders Book Festival in Melrose.

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Unique in so many ways

Yesterday in Scotland we watched in horror the images on our TVs, computers and phones showing Glasgow School of Art being swallowed by flames.

A number of years ago, my husband and I visited the art school, previously only admired from the outside. It’s difficult to describe the interior of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh building; iconic is overused, yet it’s the only word I can find to describe a design that was both Scottish and European, distinctive yet with a modern edge even today.

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Black rocks, green leaves and umbrellas

Madeira is a volcanic island, so no golden beaches (well, there is one), unlike The Canaries which have imported tons of sand from the Sahara to please its visitors. Most beaches, where they exist, appear to be dark shingle or larger rocks, so Madeira attracts visitors who want a bit of sun but who are also keen to explore.

So exploring is what we did.

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Think Madeira, think…?

Aquila Airways luggage label

Madeira. The name to me always conjured up somewhere slightly exotic, the iconic Reid’s Hotel, somewhere I’d probably never visit, the plain (often overly yellow) cake. I had only the vaguest of ideas what the island might be like, and a similarly hazy knowledge of exactly where it was.

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