Sun, olives, lamb and baklava

On a hot summer evening in the Aegean olives have a zingy, comforting flavour that’s missing at home. The same goes for watermelon. Served up free at many restaurants what is often a tasteless fruit in Scotland oozed honey sweet juice, and served chilled was wonderfully refreshing. Husband even made a drink with it and iced water.

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We decided to brave the heat on a trip to Lindos, a place we had heard much about, opting to take the bus in as being higher up you can see much more. This was quite an experience, zig-zagging up narrow mountain roads with hairpin bends where it often seemed certain the bus would hit a wall or outcrop of rock. But the driver had driven this route many times and knew how to navigate obstacles.

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Pefkos – never heard of it!

Pefkos was something of a revelation, though I’m not sure exactly what I expected.

The Stella Hotel stay was a last-minute deal too good not to take advantage of. Self-catering, so that gave me a few qualms in case we were miles from a supermarket and restaurants. I needn’t have worried, but perhaps the fact I did suggests Pefkos doesn’t sell itself to its advantage.

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