Not Miss Whitlawburn

 Janice K Ross

Janice presents her second community
narrative based on a selection of orally recorded
transcribed life stories from the first families of
Whitlawburn, the last council scheme to be built
in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.


Price £7.99








Stir it up

Yes Berwickshire

This collection of recipes by members and friends of Yes Berwickshire, published at a time when the Scottish Government has announced plans, along with VisitScotland, to double the value of the food and drink sector to tourism to £2bn by 2030.


There’s Always Tomorrow

Raghu Shukla

Raghu Shukla, an Indian village boy turned NHS hospital doctor, turned writer, deliberates over his exploits in these thirty-six linked, lively and informative stories.


Firecracker: The journey of a lost toy

A Magical Tale for Children and Adults
224 pages with illustrations in colour and line drawings by the author


Voices Galore

Janice K. Ross

Voices Galore presents the story of the island community of Barra at the beginning of the twenty first century as told by itself.


Waiting for Change

Dorothy Bruce

It is against a background of economic uncertainty and political change that Waiting for Change plays out, wending its way through years and events, personal and national crises, to the 2010 Westminster election – three years that radically change the political landscape of Scotland, three years that shake Davina from her comfortable rut and alter both her memories and expectations of life.


Any News From India?

Dorothy Bruce

When a stranger knocks on her door with a photograph, Ro is shaken by its inference of disturbing family secrets.


Getting High: A World at my Feet

James Ogilvie

The Seven Summits – the highest mountains on each of the world’s seven continents – are often regarded as the crown jewels of mountaineering, a rare prize sought by many but attained by few.


Roads to Yair

Bridget Khursheed

Take a journey through the land you know well and rediscover its natural wonders, tall stories and secrets in the company of award-winning poet Bridget Khursheed.


The Seaweed Cage

Dorothy Bruce

In a political culture underpinned by the desire for power at all costs, three women on different journeys clash and tangle when novelist and playwright Lippy, is sucked into the life of Ramsay, ex-Member of Parliament and fall-guy in the notorious Westminster expenses scandal.


In the Wake of the Coup

Dorothy Bruce

In the Wake of the Coup is a story… of intrigue, dirty tricks, spooks, the brutal murder of an MSP’s daughter, and changing allegiances.