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Twinlaw Publishing is a small press based in the beautiful Scottish Borders.  Twinlaw will concentrate on books of Scottish and Borders interest, and principal themes are political satire. literary fiction, history, mythology and biography.

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Cobwebs hidden in the closet become angels flying high

by Katerina Pitsi

cobwebs-front-cover_300dpiLife can throw knockout blows from which some people soldier on whilst others fold. Cobwebs hidden in the closet become angels flying high is a glimpse of how Katerina Pitsi dealt with the suicide of her mother, her father’s remarriage to a woman who  spoke no English, and her diagnosis, when twenty-six, of having multiple sclerosis.

As she says in the book –
The one who falls and gets up
is so much stronger
than the one who never fell.

Katerina’s book shines a light for others facing challenges and adversities.

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WAITING for CHANGE – the new novel from Dorothy Bruce

A novel set against the background of 2007 to 2010 – three exciting years in Scottish political history.

Front cover small onlineFor Davina – wife, and mother of teenage sons Duncan and Jason – life and politics forcefully collide when her husband Myles announces in early 2007 his intention to stand for the Westminster parliament.
Davina’s state of flux heralds a major earthquake, bringing tea, blethers, a belly dancer and an insistent reporter into her life, along with a much darker and disturbing aspect.
Drawn against her will into Myles’ campaign, the return of her father, who walked out on her and her mother thirty-two years previously, adds a knotty complication. Can she forgive, and accept the gambler back into her life?
As Myles settles into campaign routine, Jason along with girlfriend Tania and her mother Sandra, add their own slubbed strands to events already made jittery by queues of angry depositors intent on taking their life savings from collapsing banks, financial markets in meltdown and politicians who stomp and vacillate.
With the approach of the 2010 general election, Davina copes with Myles’ doubts in his target Borders seat, Sandra’s clashes with her former husband, and the trauma of media as well as physical attacks, to survive the experience, craving more, though with one crucial difference.

Paperback £8.99  UK post free  [wp_cart_button name=”Waiting for Change” price=”8.99″]

Voices Galore by Janice K Ross

Voices Galore_Front Cover_web smallVoices Galore is based on Janice Ross’s programme Barra Island Discs, run from the small community radio station Siar FM in Castlebay, Barra. The book features some of the interviews that touched her most during the years the show has been running. With lots of humour and a pinch of ‘derring-do’, Janice and her guests share their life-stories, providing a glimpse of the rich cultural history of the remote island community bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west side and the Minch on the east. Themes such as identity, community, family, employment and education, common to all communities, can be found, along with a fierce defence of the Gaelic language.

These stories will resonate with those who live in rural areas, especially those edged by the sea. They conjure up a way of life that is now receding into history though Janice believes channels of communication like community radio offer new ways of retaining knowledge of that life.

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New novel from Dorothy Bruce

Any News from India_front cover

Any news from India?

Is it family, status, place, or our interpretation of these that makes us unique beings, feeds our sense of who we are?

When a stranger knocks on Ro’s door with a photograph, its inference of disturbing family secrets dismays. Her hazy notion of pre-independence India explodes, burning beliefs, cracking apart certainties, posing questions difficult to answer.

Aitken oozes guilt at the impending sale of Berefield, his crumbling Scottish Borders family home that encapsulates the essence of his being. When tragedy occurs, can his relationship with Alexa help him build a new future on the ashes of the old?

Maitla is distressed by the loss of a loved partner, an enigmatic businessman whose legacy leaves her with tormenting questions.
As their sense of identity splinters, a common link emerges. The Scottish Borders, a southern Portuguese town, and end of Raj India are points on the circumference of their lives with a gutsy woman and enigmatic man at the centre.


Paperback – £8.99  UK post free  [wp_cart_button name=”Any news” price=”8.99″]


New from James Ogilvie

Getting High_front cover

Getting High: A world at my feet

“As I stepped up to the top of Antarctica, the true scale, majesty and magnificence of the white continent were overwhelming. On one side the curvature of the earth could be discerned along the distant horizon. On the other side, remote peaks – most never touched by human boots – stretched out below me. I was in heaven – or at least as near to heaven on earth as I was likely to get. It was, finally, the end of an era, the end of an Antarctic Adventure and the end of my Seven Summits odyssey.”

James Ogilvie’s passion for wild places and ‘getting high’ shines through in this account of his climbs of The Seven Summits in the world’s seven continents, and other mountains.

Paperback £14.99 -UK post free [wp_cart_button name=”Getting High” price=”14.99″]

A limited edition hardback is also now available.

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Available now from Bridget Khursheed

Roads to Yair_Front cover_web

Roads to Yair

Roads to Yair is a book of poems by award-winning Borders poet Bridget Khursheed.

Praise for Bridget Khursheed’s new book of Border poems Roads to Yair –
Roads to Yair’ is full of stories and legends, the everyday and the mythical. The poems work well together and are accomplished and highly original. Accompanied by some great black and white images and notes on the locations, the presentation of this collection is superb. Highly recommended!’ Jane Aldous winner of the Wigtown Poetry Competition 2012

‘We need poems like these.’  John Glenday

Paperback £6.99 UK post free [wp_cart_button name=”Roads to Yair” price=”6.99″]


Bridget Khursheed’s poetry collection “Roads to Yair’ was launched on Sunday 17th May.

Photographs of the launch can be seen here.

Books from Dorothy Bruce

Seaweed Cage front cover

The Seaweed Cage

The second political novel by Dorothy Bruce – The Seaweed Cage – is now available from this site and as a paperback and an ebook on Amazon. In a political culture underpinned by desire for power at all costs, three women clash and tangle when novelist and playwright Lippy is sucked into the life of Ramsay, ex-MP and fall-guy in the expenses scandal. They become enmeshed in a deadly struggle for power within the Caledon Parliament. Machinations, murder and a chilling event on a North Sea ferry lead back to one surprising person.

Paperback £9.99 UK post free [wp_cart_button name=”The Seaweed Cage” price=”9.99″]



Caledon edition cover

In the Wake of the Coup

The first published novel by Scottish Borders based author Dorothy Bruce. The book, with an intriguing plot based in a fictional offshore north-west European island, was launched just as the debate on Scottish independence began to gather pace, and takes place in the aftermath of a referendum.

Paperback £9.99 UK post free [wp_cart_button name=”In the Wake of the Coup” price=”9.99″][show_wp_shopping_cart]
In the Wake of the Coup is also available on iBooks




The Scottish Borders has a rich history on the literary front with such international luminaries as Sir Walter Scott, or Wattie as he is referred to locally. Scots like to think of themselves as a nation of equals unlike Sir Wattie himself, but he did well until the financial crash of 1826. Perhaps the most inspiring literary figure from our heritage is James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepard, whose formal education ended aged seven, yet he could emulate any of his literary contemporaries in gentle jest whilst also producing literary masterpieces that still enthral readers in the 21st Century. Later came John Buchan and the now sadly overlooked polymath Andrew Lang whose fairy books were eagerly sought after by an earlier generation. Scotland’s other national poet, after Burns, Hugh MacDiarmid was born in Langholm, and in later years lived at Brownsbank Cottage near Biggar on the fringes of the Borders.