In the Wake of the Coup

In the Wake of the Coup

Caledon edition cover

A satirical political novel set in an offshore north-west European island

A coup. The Civil Service takes over government. Caledon, where a referendum vote favouring independence has been ignored, is given its autonomy, leaving Downsouth under a dictatorship.

In the wake of the coup Caledon born McTavish and Ludmilla, from an influential family in Downsouth, form a relationship whilst working together in Caledon where a colleague is mysteriously murdered.

They move to work for the Downsouth government. Despite Ludmilla’s assertions that life is good, it isn’t long before rumoured manipulations and peculiar happenings cause concern. Conflicting loyalties are exposed, questions raised about colleagues, what are they plotting — the re-annexation of Caledon or the restoration of democracy in Downsouth? When Ludmilla disappears with the King’s daughter the trail leads back to Caledon.


A political satire and a tale of two countries —                                                               are they really Scotland and England?


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Caledon Edition – ISBN 978-0-9575913-3-2      323pages     £9.99                              Buy here

International Edition – ISBN 978-0-9579513-2-5      302 pages     £9.99                  Buy here

Ebook – ISBN 978-0-9579513-1-8      356 Pages (est)     £3.79                                       Buy here

 Why a political satire? 

“I was looking back to my initial drafts and was surprised that this book has fretted on my computer since it was first started in 2009, so before a referendum was in the frame. It was sparked by widely expressed concerns at that time about apathy and the low level of voting at elections, in particular by-elections.

The head of the UK Civil Service was Gus O’Donnell, a man believed to wield a sledgehammer of influence on governments. His initials, G. O’D. were pounced on as a nickname by the media. That set the hare of my imagination running, prompted my ‘what if?’ questions. What if the Civil Service actually took over government? Was that possible? What would Civil Servants do? What would be the reaction?

Out of that emerged In the Wake of the Coup.”  Dorothy Bruce, August 2013