Any news from India? now available

Any News from India_front coverDorothy Bruce’s latest novel, Any news from India? is now available from this site’s shop. Also available from Amazon as a paperback and ebook.

Any news from India? poses the questions Who are we? and What makes us the people we are?, and has been described as “visual, emotional and wistful“.

In the Scottish Borders, a place where traditions are valued, events and personalities from the end of the Raj suddenly lob a firecracker into the lives of ‘relatives’ and friends. A hazy notion of a connection with pre-independence India explodes, burning beliefs, cracking apart certainties, posing questions difficult to answer. Is it family, situation, place, or our interpretation of these that makes us unique beings, feeds our sense of who we are?

When a stranger knocks on her door with a photograph, Ro is shaken by its inference of disturbing family secrets.

Aitken oozes guilt at the impending sale of Berefield, his crumbling Scottish Borders family home that encapsulates the essence of his being. When tragedy occurs, can his relationship with Alexa help him forge a new future built on the old?

Maitla is distressed by the loss of a loved partner, an enigmatic businessman whose legacy leaves her with tormenting questions.

As their sense of identity splinters, a common link becomes apparent. The Scottish Borders, a southern Portuguese town, and end of Raj India are points on the circumference of their lives with a gutsy woman and enigmatic man at the centre.

The Seaweed Cage launched at Borders Book Festival

Seaweed Cage front coverDorothy Bruce’s second novel The Seaweed Cage was launched at Borders Writers’ Forum’s Seven Books Seven Authors event at the Borders Book Festival In Melrose.

In a political culture underpinned by desire for power at all costs, three women clash and tangle when novelist and playwright Lippy is sucked into the life of Ramsay, ex-MP and fall-guy in the expenses scandal. They become enmeshed in a deadly struggle for power within the People’s Union Party in the Caledon Parliament. The machinations, a murder and a chilling event lead back to one surprising person.

The Seaweed Cage can be purchased from this website or through Amazon as a paperback and and ebook.

The Borders Book Festival held in Harmony House garden, Melrose.

The Borders Book Festival held in Harmony House garden, Melrose.


Invitation to a Coup    The Haining, Selkirk                                                        Wednesday 4th September    7pm

Coup Invitation-web

The Haining, Selkirk. Launch venue for In the Wake of the Coup.

The Haining, Selkirk, venue for the launch of In the Wake of the Coup