Not Miss Whitlawburn

Not Miss Whitlawburn

By Janice K Ross

Following on from Voices Galore (2016), Janice
K Ross presents her second community
narrative based on a selection of orally recorded
transcribed life stories from the first families of
Whitlawburn, the last council scheme to be built
in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire.

Erected in
the early 1970s, before Thatcherism tore through
the heart of industrialised Scotland, different
generations reminisce about their shared
experiences of living in a new community.
Memories of the Play Scheme, the Coosie,
Morven Road puppet shows, the Maxton
Bombers and the hotly contested Miss
Whitlawburn construct how a community
defines its cultural identity.

This oral history celebrates volunteer stalwarts
like Davy Tannahill and Betty Lindsay who gave
their time to help improve the lives of others

Janice K Ross grew up in Aron Terrace, and after
several years living in Glen Coe and on the
island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, she is back
home and lives in Halfway, Cambuslang.

Jim Nisbet grew up in Maxton Terrace and lives
in Donegal, Ireland.