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cobwebs-front-cover_300dpiCobwebs hidden in the closet become angels flying high

by Katerina Pitsi

Paperback 58pps £7.99 UK post free

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Front cover small onlineWAITING for CHANGE

by Dorothy Bruce

Paperback £8.99 UK post free

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Voices Galore_Front Cover_web small

Voices Galore

by Janice Ross

Paperback £7.99

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With post overseas incl N. America

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Any News from India_front cover


Any news from India?

by Dorothy Bruce

Paperback £8.99  UK post free

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Getting High_front cover

 Getting high: A world at my feet

by James Ogilvie

Paperback £14.99 UK post free

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 Hardback £39.99 UK post free [wp_cart_button name=”Getting High H/B” price=”39.99″]



Roads to Yair_Front cover_web

 Roads to Yair

 by Bridget Khursheed

 £6.99 UK post free

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Seaweed Cage front cover


 The Seaweed Cage

 by Dorothy Bruce

 £9.99 UK post free

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Caledon edition cover


 In the Wake of the Coup

 by Dorothy Bruce

 £9.99 UK post free

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